Movie Nights 1 & 2

Frances_Ha_still_1I returned from Texas two weeks ago to a grey and snowy Oslo. A few nights after my return, I was talking to Morty about what resolutions (if any) I had for this year. He chimed in that he wanted to have a movie night each week, and of course I was on board with that. Last Wednesday the 14th was our first night, and I got first pick. My choice was Frances Ha, a film from 2012 that we had always talked about seeing, but had never gotten around to. It takes place in New York (with a jaunt in Paris!), and is filmed in black and white. I liked it but at times I felt too old for it…sometimes the dialogue between the two female leads was like watching an episode of “Girls,” a show which I detest (yep, I said it). But it was charming and visually beautiful and a very nice initiation into our movie nights.

Last night was Morty’s pick, and he went with Woody Allen’s Manhattan, from 1979. It’s typical self-deprecating and hilarious Woody Allen, whose films I’ve only come to appreciate and “get” in the last ten years. Morty intentionally chose this as the follow up to Frances Ha, as it’s clearly a nod and a bow to Mr. Allen’s work. Besides the black and white similarity, Noah Baumbach (director of Frances Ha) was definitely (it seems) influenced by Manhattan’s themes, styling, and even a gratifying running-through-the-streets scene. I love New York (thank you, Susan!), and was so happy to get acquainted with this film and a black and white Manhattan.


Day 11 – Favorite photo of the year

This is an impossible choice, so I’m just putting up a picture from October when I was in Paris. I spent a Sunday afternoon in the Parc de Sceaux. It’s a sprawling park about 15 minutes South of Paris on the RER B. Eugene Atget made a series of photos there in June 1925. I pretty much had the place to myself and wandered for a few hours. It was a gorgeous, serene day and then that night I went to a My Brightest Diamond concert, so maybe it was the perfect day.

parc de seaux